Billions of reward points spent at supermarket

Those whose career development is happening in the retail arena will already be aware that reward schemes are a big deal in the sector.

Often taking the form of a store card, retailers from bookshops to supermarkets have brought out schemes in recent years.

One supermarket, Sainsbury’s, recently gave word that a huge number of points earned on a reward scheme it uses, the Nectar card, were spent by its customers in the latter part of 2012.

From the end of September until the New Year, some 22 billion points (the equivalent of £110 million) were redeemed by customers at Sainsbury’s.

“Customers are increasingly savvy and many tell us that they save their points, using them at the end of the year to have a great Christmas and treat themselves to something special," commented Sarah Warby, marketing director at Sainsbury’s.

Of course the Nectar card is associated with several companies and not just Sainsbury’s, in fact it is the biggest loyalty scheme in the UK.

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