Businesses value older workers for interpersonal skills

Older employees are highly valued by businesses as they bring a lifetime of skills to the workplace, on expert has claimed.

Dr Dianne Bown-Wilson, chief executive of In My Prime, specialists in age diversity and the mature market, noted that older people tend to have better communication skills due to their "pre-technological education".

"However, they are most likely to be valued for their interpersonal skills in areas such as communication, empathy and patience, and also their attitude towards work which may be demonstrated in their commitment, stability and reliability," Dr Bown-Wilson added.

She added that the attributes result from older workers' experience of life and work, which tend to lead to a certain resilience and adaptability which younger people may not.

Her comments come after research from retirement specialist Aviva revealed that 86 per cent of retirees think they could do a better job than some younger people at their roles.

The survey also noted that 67 per cent of older workers believe the younger generation moan too much about their work-life balance.

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