Dull offices stifling productivity

Dull corporate offices are failing to motivate workers, a new survey shows.

Research from workplace consultancy, Morgan Lovell showed that three-quarters of workers spend their days "tied to the desk".

A further nine in ten (94 per cent) office workers say a ‘buzzy’ atmosphere increases their productivity. Over three quarters of jobhunters seeking to boost their career development prospects said that working in a buzzy office is a key consideration when looking for a new job.

Half (50 per cent) stated that laughter was important to their working life.

Monica Parker, a spokeswoman for Morgan Lovell, said: "Leaders have to understand what drives their staff and apply this to create not just a great atmosphere, but a flexible working environment and culture that supports different kinds of people. It’s about enabling staff to take control of their working day, unleash their creativity and build stronger teams."

The findings coincide with recent research which showed that 86 per cent of workers were more likely to be productive with an inspirational boss.

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