Employee engagement 'should be a high priority'

Employee engagement should have a higher priority in management training, in order to retain staff and boost productivity, new findings have suggested.

A study published by the Work Foundation revealed that managers who invest ten per cent in employee engagement strategies can increase company profits by £2,700 a year.

This is especially the case in low-skilled jobs, according to the research. Stephen Bevan, director for the Centre for Workforce Effectiveness at the Work Foundation, said that low paid and waged jobs were increasing.

Commenting on the findings, Mr Bevan said: "Contact centre work especially has one of the highest labour turnover rates in the UK, and sick leave for this sector alone costs the UK economy £626 million per year.

"These roles often have standardised work methods and lack of development opportunities. Many workers who have moved into this sector do not view their employment as a career option."



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You are quite right that employee engagement should have a higher priority. The problem is that very few educators and consultants understand how to achieve engagement even though it is quite simple.

There is a lot more to it than in this video, but the basics are correctly presented.


Best regards, Ben