LGB-friendly organisations list released

A new run-down of the most gay, bisexual and lesbian friendly organisations to work for has been produced by Stonewall.

The annual list saw Accenture placed in number one position this year, with Gentoo at two and the Co-operative placed third.

Accenture representative Olly Benzecry spoke of the organisation’s delight at being placed first on the list.

The chief executive of Stonewall, Ben Summerskill, said that gay people could use its list as a way of finding “a welcoming employer” but could also consider organisations not included in the run down, knowing that the law protects against discrimination. 

Brought in at the end of 2003, The Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulations make workplace discrimination against LGB (lesbian, gay or bisexual) people illegal.

“Every employer in the Top 100 has performed impressively. These results are significant as it’s just ten years since we won vital legal protections for gay people in the workplace,” commented Mr Summerskill.

Organisations such as the London Ambulance NHS Trust and MI5 also featured on Stonewall’s list.

Advice on how to handle instances of discrimination in the workplace is available on Stonewall’s website, and could be useful to our readers. No one should have their career development harmed because of unfair treatment. 

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