Likeable bosses boost productivity

A new way for employers to boost productivity in the workplace has been discovered - and that is to make themselves likeable.

According to a survey released by TipTopJob, 86 per cent of those polled  believe that if they like their boss then it makes them more productive in the workplace. 

The findings come in the run-up to national 'Hug your boss day' on Friday August 23rd.

Around 37 per cent of people believe that good working relationships with their bosses and colleagues make them more productive, while happiness was likely to motivate 22 per cent of employees.

The findings suggest that being approachable and retaining an open line of communication with workers are critical management skills for employers to have.

Commenting on the findings, Corinne Hutchinson, spokeswoman of TipTopJob, said that the surveys "certainly back-up the idea that if you have happy working relationships, you are more likely to be more productive at work - some interesting findings that managers and bosses should take on board."

Earlier this year, a survey by YouForce showed that 79 per cent of organisations said that they do not have an employee engagement strategy in place.

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