Meditation expert talks stress reduction

The's Jillian Lavender has been talking about some of the advantages of reduced fatigue and stress – some of which would be beneficial to those in career development.

She said that when these things are reduced in people they become dramatically better at making decisions – which of course is something that managers have to do on a daily basis.

And could employees facing less fatigue and tiredness also need less time off due to illness? One could extrapolate that as a possibility, based on her words.

General health gets better when tiredness and stress are reduced, she said, as a result of the lack of "stress chemistry coursing though our system".

"Meditation delivers deep rest to the mind and body. In just a few minutes of meditating, oxygen metabolism drops to a level that is many times deeper than the deepest point in a night's sleep," Ms Lavender explained. 

"This profound rest creates the conditions for deep rooted stress and fatigue to be released from the body," she added.

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