Red tape 'hitting job creation efforts' of smaller employers

Red tape is posing problems for smaller-scale firms in the UK that are keen to try and create new job opportunities for people, it has been suggested, which may interest those focusing on their career development.

According to the Hays UK director, Charles Logan, ministers are currently hoping that private sector organisations will step in to make up for cutbacks in the nation's public sphere.

However, he added: "Most of this is expected to come from small and medium-sized enterprises [SMEs].

"But, with swathes of red tape and stifling levels of bureaucracy still in place, many SMEs are struggling to create these jobs."

The latest unemployment figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) should not be the cause of over-celebration, Mr Logan also suggested.

The quarter to March of this year saw a 70.7 per cent rate of employment recorded in the UK, ONS figures have shown this week.

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