Salary gap between public and private sector reversed

The salaries achieved by those with the top management skills in the public sector are beginning to come into line with those in the private sphere, new research has claimed.

According to a survey by Hay Group, the public and private sector pay gap has in fact been reversed at operational levels, with those in public sector jobs experiencing pay rises of 13 per cent more than private employees over the last ten years.

The data also proves disproportionate senior salary rises in the public sector to be a myth, as top managers in private organisations are still earning considerably more than their civil service counterparts.

David Smith, reward information consultant at Hay Group, said the public sector was "not directly affected" by the global downturn, unlike private firms.

"But with government austerity taking hold, many employees are beginning to feel the impact of cost cutting in their wallets," he added.

A recent report by Aviva showed UK workers are putting in 26 million hours of extra work every day, with the majority of 'overtime' being unpaid.

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