SMEs struggling to attract talent

A number of small businesses in the UK are struggling to find talented people as many jobseekers have concerns about pay and benefits packages.

According to a study by Hays, 49 per cent of the 700 jobhunters surveyed think salaries at small and medium-sized enterprises are not as competitive as at larger organisations.

Over half (55 per cent) of respondents believe smaller businesses are not able to provide the benefits that more established firms can.

Despite almost three-quarters of people reporting a positive experience of working in smaller businesses, the survey found that 52 per cent of jobseekers are concerned about the security and stability of a role with smaller organisations.

Charles Logan, director at Hays, said: "In the current turbulent job market it's no surprise that workers are looking for job security. But we also know that career development is very important to most professionals and this plays a key part in their decision to leave an organisation and accept a new role."

A recent Confederation of British Industry (CBI) study found that small firms with fewer than 250 employees are more likely than larger firms to be expanding their workforce next year.

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