Winter-related items seeing sales hike at Sainsbury's

Those making use of their customer service skills in the midst of career development at Sainsbury's have been seeing a hike in sales for winter-related items at the supermarket, it seems.

Salt, often used to grit pavements by the public, was predicted to have a 30 per cent sales hike last weekend.

The company also forecast a 40 per cent weekly rise in knitwear sales for that period, and reported a 30 per cent yearly boost for flu and cold medicine sales.

Popular winter food, soup, was predicted a 25 per cent sales boost over the weekend, too.

There was a weekly 15 per cent boost expected for cat litter – cats being famous for their desire not to go outside to do their business when there's snow.

"If the big freeze of 2011 is anything to go by, we could see an uplift of 4,000 per cent on products such as snow shovels and de-icer in the coming days," said buyer Jon Biddle from Sainsbury’s.

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