10 Ways to Market Yourself

In our last blog we discussed personal development and how the start of the year is the perfect time to take stock of where we’re at and where we want to be.  Whatever you want for yourself this year – be it a new job, a promotion, a place at university or college or exam success –one of the most important tools you should have under your belt  to help you achieve your goals is confidence and the ability to ‘market yourself’. 

The idea of ‘marketing yourself’ can be challenging but the way others see us has a major impact on our academic and professional life so it’s important to pay attention to the way we present ourselves to others. Whether we like it or not we are constantly selling ourselves – applying for schools, colleges, universities and jobs are some of the most prominent examples of this – so it won’t do to keep our strengths, confidence and skills under wraps. We need to tell the world how great we are if we are going to come out on top!

So what are 10 key principles to remember and tools you will need in order to be a successful self marketer? 

1. Take a positive attitude

2. Know what you want

3. Self confidence: believe in yourself

4. Increase your visibility

5. Review your image

6. Be enthusiastic and passionate about your work

7. Network as much as possible

8. Make the most of opportunities

9. Capitalise on your strengths and make them work for you

10. Use online media tools including social media.

Next Steps

Then you will need the ten-step self marketing plan to turn yourself into the perfect ‘product’ so you fit in with what the marketplace (the teacher, interviewer, boss – person you want to impress!) needs:

1. Familiarise yourself with the ‘product’ (you!!)

2. Be aware of strengths and weaknesses

3. List your ‘features’ (strongest qualities and skills) and how they might be of benefit 

4. Ensure the quality of the product (build confidence and learn from your mistakes)

5. Work on product image

6. Review the product packaging (first appearances definitely count!)

7. Create product awareness (raise that profile)

8. Promote the product

9. Take opportunities to promote the product virtually (use social media)

10. Set targets. 

The Result

Once you learn how to present yourself as the perfect candidate by marketing yourself successfully the sky is the limit! For more in-depth advice and more information check out our Marketing Yourself Checklist – all you need to do is visit the link below (you will need to log into ManagementDirect).

Management Direct - Marketing Yourself Checklist