$1.68 million buys you lunch with Warren Buffett

Read over the weekend that the annual 'lunch with Warren Buffett' auction raised a whopping $1.68 million this year for the Glide Foundation.  The foundation provides social services to San Francisco's homeless and poor.

Amazing sums of money.  Who would you pay to have lunch with?


Wow, thats a brilliant idea! I am personally surprised that someone is willing to pay that much for a meal with him! Thats enough to pay the salary of 20 highly qualified staff to pester his people enough to probably go on a Ski trip with him :P

So much for the recession.  The same lunch now comes in at over $2million


Crikey.  You'd have to think anyone that could afford that sort of money probably doesn't need much in the way of advice in making money.

Inflation at work.  Lunch with him is now $2.34m


Can't imagine what you'd get from that experience that would be worth so much money.  I mean I'm guessing if you have that much spare cash you're doing ok in life anyway.

More money than sense I think Matt.