Brits not going on holiday

The summer is here, time to relax? Maybe not! A survey has revealed that the British workforce is having trouble relaxing whilst on their holidays. Results show that 1 in 3 employees will be keeping in touch with their office this summer. With the fear of redundancy, the added stress for employees could lead to a negative effect on morale and a downturn in business.  The survey results echo those found by a similar CMI survey earlier in the year.

working holiday 549 office workers from across the UK took part in the online survey. They were asked how often they would keep in contact with the office while on a summer holiday and the results were astounding. The survey, conducted by an online office supplies specialist, revealed that out of the 35% who would stay in touch with the office, 38% confirmed they would check in a few times on their summer holiday. Alarmingly 22% confessed to keeping in touch once a day and another 8% would be going as far to keep regular contact several times a day. 

Why are all these employees sacrificing their holidays? 56% said they want to stay “on top of things” and 21% admit to having trouble completely disconnecting away from the office.

The online survey, which ran from 15th June 09 through to 8th July 09 also found out that skipping work has become harder. It will not come as a shock that only 1 in 4 respondents admit to playing truant from work. Although 37% of those who have confessed said they would be doing it less this summer and cited the reasons as too many deadlines to meet / the burden of a heavy workload (38%), wanting to advance their careers (34%) or are too anxious over job security (21%). Does this mean that gone are the Monday mornings when the boss would pick up the phone to hear excuses ranging from ‘my budgie is ill’, ‘my bath fell through the ceiling’ and ‘my daughter has a raisin stuck up her nose’?

Simon Drakeford, CEO for , explained “During the summer, it’s very tempting to skip work for a day or two to enjoy the sunshine or get an early start on a holiday.  However, with things still pretty tough out there, employees are questioning their job security and prospects.  Understandably, many see it as being in their best interest to work harder and put in the extra effort instead of bunking off.  What’s unfortunate, though, is that our survey reveals that many diligent office workers are finding it increasingly difficult to leave their work behind and relax while taking their annual leave.  Ultimately, the extra stress will begin to take its toll – and this can negatively affect employees as well as the business.”

The survey has shown just what pressured times British workers find themselves in with the inability to switch off as the fear of job losses and carrying the workload of those unfortunate to have been made redundant as the recession continues.