Interesting video on Lean from India

The video, shot in India, provides an overview and discussion of lean.


A few years ago we looked at all of our processes and mapped them from start to finish and then went back and challenged why every step existed - what value did it add etc.

Whilst some things had to be kept to meet regulatory issues it was amazing how much was in there that actually wasn't 100% necessary. As a result a lot of uneccessary steps were taken out, including a fair bit of data capture that added no real value.

This speeded up proceeses resulting in quicker turnround for the customers, happier staff with a simpler process and cost benefits to the company to boot.

The structure we used involved cross divisional working groups which allowed everyone to challenge the process but also understand other areas needs - thus avoiding taking out important steps. It also fostered better inter-department working and helped break down some barriers.

There are lots of areas you can apply lean to. Getting the people engaged in the process is well worthwhile.