Christopher Bones wins CMI Management Book of the Year

The headline news is that Christopher Bones was the well deserved winner of CMI Management Book of the Year with The Cult of the Leader.  I cannot do justice to Sir Anthony Cleaver’s remarks last night, but they were to the effect that this is a thoughtful and hard hitting book that should be read by our political leaders and certainly by anyone with an interest in leadership.  He also said that few will agree will agree with everything that Christopher Bones has written, but almost everybody would come away with insights that they would find useful.  Videos of interviews with judges and authors will are being edited and will be posted on Youtube in the next day or two.  I’ll keep you updated.

The category winners – again all excellent choices were:

·         Innovation and Entrepreneurship – ‘The innovator's DNA’ by  Jeff Dyer, Hal Gregersen, and Clayton M. Christensen

·         eBook – ‘Bold: how to be brave in business and win’ by Shaun Smith and Andy Milligan

·         The Commuter’s Read -  ‘Put your mindset to work: the one asset you really need to win and keep the job you love’ by James Reed and Paul G. Stoltz

·         Management and Leadership Textbook – ‘Corporate responsibility’ by  Mick Blowfield and Alan Murray

·         Practical Manager – ‘The cult of the leader: a manifesto for more authentic business’ by Christopher Bones


Professional Manager has posted a short online article that can be found at: The Cult of the Leader

It should be said that any book that made it through the tough winnowing process to the short list stage deserves a second look.  For full details and synopses of all the short listed books go to


For those of you who couldn't make the event there are some great videos of interviews with winner and judges on our YouTube Channel.

Videos of the authors, judges and other noatbles have been posted on Youtube

Christopher Bones, author of ‘The Cult of the Leader: A Manifesto for More Authentic Business’ and winner of CMI Management Book of the Year 2012

Richard Donkin, Judge for the e-Book category and a winning author of this category at the 2010/11 CMI Management Book of the Year

 Sally Halper, Social Sciences Content Development Manager at The British Library

0593: Dame Mary Marsh, Judge for the Commuter’s Read category

Mick Blowfield, co-author of ‘Corporate Responsibility’, winning book in the Management and Leadership Textbook category

Terry Morgan, President of the Chartered Management Institute


Professor James Fleck, Judge for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship category


Celia Gates, author of ‘From Brainwave to Business’, shortlisted for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship category


Christopher Bones has just dropped me a line to say that the impact of winning CMI Management Book of the Year prize has been phenomenal: including getting the book on Kindle:

 Now that we know that the title is available as an ebook, we will see if we can get an e-copy for the library.

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