January Book Club pages – the theme is change!



January is traditionally the month for taking stock -  for making plans and resolutions.  So the CMI Management and Consulting Book Club pages feature books that deal with change in all its aspects. 

This month our Guest Reviewer is Clive Marsh, the well-known author on financial management and CMI Subject Matter Expert.  Clive recommends the classic on the need for personal adaptability;  ‘Who moved my cheese?’

Our featured bestseller is John Kotter’s and Holger Rathgeber’s ‘Our Iceberg is Melting’ on change initiatives.  Our ‘Management Challenge’ book is ‘The Transformation Roadmap: Accelerating Change’ by Paul Mooney which deals with how to plan and implement complex change. 

Finally, if leadership is more your thing, we are giving members the opportunity to win a copy of ‘The Leadership Challengeby James Kouzes and Barry Posner (kindly provided by Wiley), which has achieved three strong reviews from Gary Cook, Ian Garfield, Ian Greaves, and Miranda Stephenson.