Will Social Media feature as part of your communications toolkit in 2012?

Companies are doing it, Government is doing it and so is the community and voluntary sector as well as individuals.  But how are you going to leverage Social Media to improve sales, communicate that key message or get yourself a new job in the coming year?

Social Media and it’s use as a communication and engagement tool will increase significantly in 2012 as the platforms add ever more tools to make the experience smoother, quicker and simpler. The additions of surveys, data analysis, video and easer links to other media make its use positively mandatory for any business wishing to grab itself a bigger market share or interest the best candidates.

Individuals are blogging more than ever and personal as well as company branding has gone into overdrive.  So how will you use Social Media to give you or your company a higher USP?


This article from the Guardian around use of Government data in creation of jobs is interesting.

Taking open data up a level

Nigel Shadbolt says it's time to accelerate the use of government data in generating innovation


Hi Thomas,

For me the key benefit of social media will be on turning companies into social organisations that can utilise social technologies to enable better internal communication, knowledge sharing and collaboration.

The very best will take this approach and invite their best customers into the mix as well.

Using social media for marketing purposes is the very tip of the iceberg.


Adi I am interested in the use of social technologies to help make social organisations, create better communication models and to help customers to gain quicker and wider access to services as well as being involved in their design and being able to give feedback.  There is a big push for this in the public sector as it's a way of saving money whilst giving people more control over the services they want. I may be sad but the possibilities excite me.

Check this out Thomas.  It's written by a good friend called Michael Brito.  He's in charge of digital at Edelman.  Very smart guy.


He also runs http://www.socialbusinessnews.com/ (for which yours truely writes the odd piece)

Thanks for that information Adi very interesting and useful.  It gives me food for thought and something to get my teeth into.

Wow how time flies and you do forget things you have done when you are busy. I was writing a reply to Jacqui Hogan's 9 Time Saving Tips from a Social Networking Junkie and this popped up in the list of related articles which I wrote in December 2011.

So did you use social media media as part of your communication toolkit in 2012? Here are a few questions seeing this article again that came to mind.

If not why not?

If you did what results did you get?

Will you be usuing it in 2013?