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'Do perceptions/stereotypes of gender differentiation affect women's progression into higher management positions?

I am just getting underway with my dissertation and was wondering whether you had any information / resources around the subject on Women In Management, my dissertation question is 'Do perceptions /stereotypes of gender differentiation affect women's progression into higher management positions?


Dear Stephanie,

We have quite a lot of material on this subject area. For starters, I have put together and attached quite a long listing of books and research reports we have in the library going back to 1990 for you to have a look through. You can borrow up to six books at a time – details in the attached factsheet.

The list includes a research report produced by CMI’s predecessor, the Institute of Management in 1992:

The key to the men’s club opening doors to women in management
Coe, Trudy, Institute of Management

For articles, I limited the search to anything on women and stereotypes and barriers for women and again I have attached a listing. Many of these articles will be available to download either via our library catalogue at or our e-journals database (EBSCO’s Business Source Corporate at

We can provide photocopies of any articles listed which are not available online – again details are in the attached factsheet.

Some useful sources you might also like to have a look at include:

FTSE Female Index (Cranfield International Centre for Women Leaders)

Opportunity Now
Includes recent report on “What holds women back?”

Sex and Power (Equality and Human Rights Commission)

There may also be additional research available from EHRC:

National Statistics

I hope this will be helpful, but do come back to us when/if you need anything further,

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CMI also has a Women in Management Network. You can find their details on the website by clicking this link. It might be worth contacting your local branch or Sandra Pollock who runs WiM.

Good luck with the dissertation!

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