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Employee performance

Hi, for my final year management project I am looking into: An investigation into the implications of employee performance within private retail clothing companies, examining skills gaps. I am currently undertaking my literature review and would like to find
1) Academic journals on skills gaps and how they effect employee performance
2) Any relevant trade publications on skills gaps and how they effect the
I would be internally grateful if you could find any of these to aid me with my project, thank you.


Firstly, Michael, I would suggest you contact the sector skills council for the retail industry skillsmartretail. Sector skills councils are concerned with labour and skill needs in their sector so they may well have some information which would be helpful There is a website at: with a section on research.

The UK Commission for Employment and Skills is  ‘a Non-Departmental Public Body providing strategic leadership on skills and employment issues in the four nations of the UK’ so they may well also be able to supply relevant information on skills and skill gaps. I would suggest having a look at the publications section of their website at:

The Ambition 2020 report looks at skills and jobs across the UK for example:
and here’s a report looking at Skill Shortages and Needs
A National Employer Skills Survey is carried out regularly. Here is the latest report:

Here is a report on Skills and Economic Performance:

The government’s 2005 white paper on skills strategy can be found here:
and more recent material on Skills Strategy:

Research and statistics on the BIS site:

Looking on our e-journals database, I didn’t find much under “skills gaps” but I also tried searching on “skills shortages” and identified a few relevant articles which I will forward to you in separate messages. You can do further searches of this database for yourself by logging in at

I hope this will be helpful. Do come back to us if we can be of further assistance.

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