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Management Project lvl 5 Dip

Afternoon All,

I am currently studying the Lvl 5 Dip and I have to do the Mnagement Project reasonably soon. Ive not been over this yet with my Tutor as I'm still on the previous unit, I'm just looking forward to see where I can try fit everything together.


I've had a look on the Management Direct and the resources are all about Project management which is great but what I am really after is what makes a Management Project different from a normal project?

I'm a Engineering Project manager by trade so I carryout projects all day, every day but I'm guessing this is something to do with the management of teams, leadership culture etc?

Has anyone done this and can let me know what areas you looked into?


Thank you


Hi Martin,

You could try using the CMI Library database to search for books, articles and other resources on this. If you go to and click through you can search for the term "management projects" in quotation marks to see if we have any specific resources on the topic.



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I have recently completed the Level 5 Diploma myself. For the Management Project, I basically carried out an Audit of equipment care within my organisation. The project can be on anything where a manager may have input or oversight of.

I can forward my report on to you so you can have a look through it and see how I built mine.




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