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The Role of Management Accounting in the Changing Business Environment after 1980


I need your help urgently. Please send me Journal articles regarding the role of management accounting in the changing enironment.  An analysis of the inadequacies and capabilities/capacities of the role of management accounting in the new business environment after 1980.


Dear Mahboob,

I've only just seen your posting so it's probably too late to respond to your enquiry...but if you are a CMI or IC member you can access journals articles online via our e-journals database at - this is a huge database of business management journals going back many years and it certainly includes some accounting titles.

You will need to login to access this member service but if you have any problems or queries you can contact the Ask a Researcher service by ringing 01536 207400 or emailing and the researcher on duty will be able to help.

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Responsibilities of Management accounting changes from organization to organization.
There are many journals and reading meterial available. What I will suggest you to follow industry experts, read their blog, get updateded with latest knowledge and try to implement it in day by day work.

Thank you,

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