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Survey questionnaire on the 'glass ceiling'

I am at present undertaking a BA Hons. in Business and Management at
the University of Northampton where my dissertation focuses on '
Modern issues women face with regard to career progression, especially
into higher management’ with regard to whether a ‘glass ceiling’
exists in the current working environment.
I would like to conduct some informal interviews, and I have also
created a survey questionnaire which I hope you will complete; it is
aimed at both male and females of all managerial levels. My survey
questionnaire uses five themes identified from my literature review
and the questions have been framed around these themes.
It should take no more than 10-15 minutes to fill in.
If you feel there are any of your colleagues who would be willing to
participate in this survey could you forward a copy to them for
Please click the link to complete questionnaire:
Thank you in anticipation of your help with this.


Thanks for your enquiry Stephanie. I hope you get lots of responses for the survey.

You may not be aware that we have a lot of material on the role of women in management and issues related to equal opportunities, equal pay, flexible working, the glass ceiling/glass cliff etc.

I’ve done some searches for information on women and career development and have attached a listing of books on this topic together with details of how to borrow them from our library.

CMI hasn’t done any research on this subject recently but you may be interested in the following:
A woman’s place 2001

I have also put together a selection of journal articles and have attached it. Some of these are available to download free of charge from our e-journal databases. I have downloaded a few general articles which I think will be helpful and will forward them in a separate message. We can provide photocopies of any which are not available online and you can do further searches for yourself at

Additional sources of information online which you may find useful include:

Equality and Human Rights Commission
Especially: Sex and Power:
International Centre for Women Leaders (at Cranfield University)
Especially the Female FTSE Index and  Report
Opportunity Now:

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