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What CMI qualification to take?


I recently finished my graduate studies with a Msc in Management (studies not conducted in English) . Now I work in a leading international telecommunication company. 
So what qualification should I start with, Level 2 in team leading or any other?
Thank you.



There's some good guidance on the CMI website plus a diagnostic which will give you some suggestions about which qualification is best for you. Take a look at or .

As you have already completed a Master's Degree in Management, you may find a level 2 qualification rather basic, although it will be practical and vocational, rather than academic. However, you will need to weigh up your ability to handle the course in English.

I would suggest that you identify the CMI approved centre where you wish to study and ask for someone at the centre to talk you through the course content and requirements to help you reach a final decision.

If you have any further queries you could also ring our Awarding Body on 01536 207496.

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