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Dealing with difficult people by Karen Mannering

instant manager - Dealing with difficult peopleDealing with difficult people is an unavoidable aspect of working life and can have a major impact on your career and wellbeing. This book, written by a leading expert with years of practical experience, will provide the tools to be able to deal with all types of working relationship. Areas covered include:

  • how to define a difficult person
  • how to read body language and other unspoken messages
  • how to deal with difficult employees, colleagues and bosses
  • how to understand yourself and deal with difficult aspects of your own personality.

Based on the 10 most FAQs, each chapter ends with a quick tip that can be taken on board immediately.

Publisher: Hodder Education; date: 2008; pages: 224; ISBN: 9780340946510.

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Full price: £8.99.