Future Forecast: Expectations for 2012 (December 2011)

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2011 began with high hopes that the economic situation was improving and workplaces would start to feel the effects of recovery. However, as this report shows, it has clearly been another very difficult year for UK managers – and 2012 looks set to be equally challenging.

  • Nearly half of UK managers are expecting redundancies in 2012, and over a third of managers feel insecure in their jobs
  • Managers have grave concerns over their organisations’ people capabilities – 43 per cent do not believe their organisation has the right people to fulfil business objectives in 2012
  • Optimism about the UK’s economic performance for 2012 remains low as organisations continue to face the effects of European economic instability, rising energy prices and domestic austerity

Looking further ahead, however, there is a more defiant and positive outlook among some managers, particularly in the private and not-for-profit sectors, who believe that their own organisations are still set to prosper.  It will be important that these early indicators of business confidence are encouraged and used to stimulate the much needed investment in a growth agenda.

Managers will need to able to adopt new strategies and lead their teams through the impending changes, if organisations are to survive the tough times and succeed during the coming year.


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Published: December 2011

Authors: Gemma Pearson and Patrick Woodman

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ISBN: 0-85946-497-0