Generation Y: Unlocking the talent of young managers (June 2008)

Generation Y (June 2008)Research exploring the attitudes, skills and aspirations of young managers and how employers can attract, develop and retain talented young managers.

Published: June 2008

Author: Dr Alison MacLeod

ISBN: 0-85946-466-0

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This report shatters many long-held beliefs about Generation Y.  Exploring the aspirations, working styles and motivations of today’s younger managers it exposes as myth the view that Generation Y is self-absorbed, disloyal and impatient.

The study, based on qualitative and quantitative research of managers aged 35 and under, indicates that today’s younger managers are focused on long-term skills development to boost their career options.

Combined with analysis of the views of management students, the study, published with Ordnance Survey, will be used to help business leaders and employers understand how to recruit, develop and retain younger managers.

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