Managing with Political Awareness: a summary review of the literature (2006)

Managing with Political Awareness: A Summary Review of the Literature (2006)A practitioner-focused summary of a literature review on politics and political skills in the workplace

Published: October 2006

Authors: Professor Jean Hartley and Layla Branicki

ISBN: 0-85946-465-2

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The Chartered Management Institute, in partnership with Warwick Business School, is leading a new research initiative looking at how to develop leaders with the capability to manage the political dimension of their businesses and services.

Such research is sorely needed. The Institute's 2003 report, 'Leading Change in the Public Sector', found that many public sector managers felt that they lacked the skills to manage in a political context. This research recognises that such skills may also be important for private sector managers, who increasingly manage their businesses in a complex and media-visible world. Yet, there is, to date, too little conceptual and practical understanding of political skills in and around the workplace. Many view political skills narrowly as self-interest rather than as a power-based approach to influence in the context of competing interests and power blocs.

This review, carried out by Warwick Business School, outlines the varied understandings of politics and political behaviour, revealing gaps in the current academic literature which the ongoing Managing with Political Awareness research project aims to address.

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