The Value of Management and Leadership Qualifications (July 2012)

Value of Management Qualifications ReportThis research adopted a multi-method approach, combining a quantitative survey of 1,185 managers with a series of employer case studies. The report examines managers’ general perceptions of management qualifications and the impact of such qualifications upon both the individual manager and their organisation.

Major findings include:

  • Improved performance – 90 per cent of managers surveyed say their management qualification improved their performance at work.
  • Lasting change – 85 per cent of survey respondents say their qualification helped them make lasting changes to the way they manage and lead.
  • Ripple effect – 81 per cent of managers were able to pass on their new skills to others following their qualification and 79 per cent improved the performance of their team, suggesting successful transfer of learning to the workplace.

The report includes recommendations for employers to help them deliver management qualifications in order to improve organisational performance.

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Report information

Published: July 2012

Authors: Bradley, M. Woodman, P & Hutchings, P.

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