Anglia Ruskin University Masterclass

Anglia Ruskin University Masterclass.

Dr Liz Jackson gives ARU students masterclass on “Inspiring Leadership”.

Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) was delighted to welcome Dr Liz Jackson as part of a Companions on Campus Masterclass organised for students embarked on business and leadership programmes. The aim of the event was to enrich the student experience by giving them the opportunity to hear from an inspirational leader at the top of the Leadership and Management profession.

Around 150 ARU students as well as CMI representatives and ARU staff members gathered in the Helmore Building of the Cambridge Campus where Dr Sally Everett, Deputy Dean of Quality and Student Experience, introduced Liz and her session titled “Inspiring Leadership”.

Liz discussed her experiences with setting up her own business, the challenges she overcame along the way and the traits she exhibited to her staff to inspire them to become successful in their own right. She then moved on to discuss her career since setting up her own marketing/sales business which has involved becoming the Director of Marketing for a Global Finance company. She discussed her experiences of empowering her staff to be creative and not be fearful of failure which she puts great value on. Liz also discussed the power of visualisation and positivity in her day to day life which she put great emphasis on in terms of her success.

The event forms part of a programme of curriculum enrichment delivered in partnership between ARU and CMI. This sees students from the BSc Business Management, BSc Business Management and Leadership and MBA obtain CMI accreditation, membership and a range of employability and student experience enhancing activities.

Speaking to the business leaders of the future is a huge honour. Businesses depend almost entirely on the talented people who lead and work in them, so unleashing the full potential of these people is critical to the future of this country and its economy. At BCMS we advise business owners on how to maximise the value of their companies. To build a business that one day someone will want to buy takes a strong management team, with a solid strategy, and great leadership. We see investing time in our future leaders and sharing our expertise, as highly valuable.

Dr Liz Jackson MBE CCMI, Marketing Director, BCMS
Huge thanks to CMI for organising the talk by Liz today as part of the 'Companions on Campus' programme. She is such a genuine, charismatic and inspirational speaker and ideal role model for our students. A real delight to have on campus. It was delightful to see our students so engaged and encouraged by her business story. It was a real privilege to meet her and hear her story.

Dr Sally Everett PhD, MA, BA, PFHEA, Deputy Dean (Quality and Student Experience), Lord Ashcroft International Business School, Anglia Ruskin University
The lessons, journey and principles that Liz shared will no doubt stay with the students for a very long time. I personally lost count of the amount of times I had goose bumps or a wide smile throughout Liz’s incredibly engaging masterclass. It is real pleasure to support the collaboration between a CMI Companion and a University with which we share such a close partnership. I’ll be pencilling the event into my diary for the same time and date next year!

Justin Mingaye BA (Hons) CMgr MCMI, Head of Higher Education Partnership Operations, CMI

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