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CMI Accredits International Partners.

The Chartered Management Institute has recently accredited two University of Derby (UoD) International Collaborative Partners for the delivery of our BA (Hons) Business Management Programmes.

EU Business School based in Barcelona and Munich and Help Academy in Malaysia are now UoD partners benefiting from this accolade.

The achievement of the accreditation demonstrates an innovative operation from the University and it represents a series of firsts, making the programmes unique and inspiring for the Higher Education sector.

It is the first time:

  1. the CMI have worked with an Higher Education Institution (HEI) to achieve this  result;   
  2. the CMI have accredited a BA (Hons) Business Management programme that is run  overseas;
  3. the process has involved accrediting two international partners at the same time;

This project has required excellence in planning and fantastic teamwork. It has joined three different teams working across three different time zones and four different cultures. Planning has also involved the use of different technology mediums at the same time. The CMI have been fully integrated into partnership events and this will continue as the next phase is planned. This new accreditation will have great impact for both the University of Derby and beyond, in the Higher Education sector as a whole and within communities. 

It will improve the consistency of experience for UoD students studying the same University of Derby programme in the UK, Spain, Germany or Malaysia, will open up opportunities for student to work collaboratively in a professional context and enhance career prospects. Additionally it will enhance the professional reputation of our partnerships. The CMI hosts the largest management library in UK which is without a shadow of doubt a great advantage for our international staff and students.  In summary, it enhances the global reach for management - both in terms of education and professionally.

The CMI is the only management organisation in the UK with Royal Charter, which represents a fantastic professional body accreditation.
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This accreditation adds a new dimension to the delivery of our Business Management programmes overseas as it will introduce networking internationally and promote employability. The extension of the CMI mentoring scheme to overseas partnerships will also facilitate the formation of valuable international business contacts. The University of Derby has clearly reached a leading position in terms of professional recognition of management education delivered overseas and this is also an endorsement to the high quality of our international partners – EU Business School and HELP Academy. It is a very exciting initiative with endless opportunities.

Gail Thrippleton,
International Partnerships Manager for the Derby Business School