TEF target


There is a strong alignment between the impacts of partnering with CMI in terms of student employability and experience, and the TEF’s proposed core assessment areas of Teaching Quality, Learning Environment and Student Outcomes. In terms of the first two TEF assessment areas there is clear linkage with the TEF requirement that “…students acquire knowledge, skills and attributes that prepare them for their personal and professional lives.” In terms of student outcomes – to be measured initially through the DLHE six months’ data – our survey data of both students and our Partner contacts is indicating high levels of impact. We are also working hard currently at CMI both to further develop specific employability support (our online career development tools will be significantly enhanced over the next few months, for example), and in developing impact measurements that we can make available to our Partners.

The recently published technical consultation paper on “year 2” of the TEF references at various points the positive contribution that professional bodies can make to achieving a level of quality in course delivery that goes beyond the normal QA baseline. CMI helps strengthen provision by our Partners in all the following areas highlighted in the TEF:

  • accreditation of courses to enhance employability and transferable skills
  • professional development of teaching staff
  • enrichment of the learning environment with links to professional practice
  • exposure to latest developments in professional practice
  • provision of additional evidence for the TEF submission
  • evidence of broader professional outcomes
  • progression to employment
  • practical application of research
  • employer engagement
  • student involvement in enterprise and entrepreneurship initiatives

If you would like to discuss how CMI can help in any of these TEF-focus areas, please contact:

Ian Myson

Director of HE Partnerships