Pentland Brands Manchester Met Masterclass


Andy Rubin, Chairman of Pentland Brands, gives Masterclass at Manchester Met as part of their Postgraduate Series.

CMI has been developing a strategic partnership with Manchester Met Business School over the last few years, offering the chance for students to gain professional qualifications and access to the range of CMI membership benefits helping them increase their employability and enhance their student experience.

The Postgraduate Masterclass Series is organised in partnership with CMI, offering current and past students the opportunity to share the invaluable experiences of outstanding business leaders. Both were delighted to host Andy Rubin, Chairman of Pentland Brands and Companion of CMI for the Spring Masterclass. Andy Rubin is third generation of this family business, Pentland Brands, whose portfolio includes global brands such as Speedo, Canterbury, Berghaus, Ellesse and Mitre. Andy offered an excellent insight into the world of brand building with an engaging, enlightening and inspiring lecture. Business leaders and professionals alongside students attended the event providing a networking and learning opportunity from a sector-leading figurehead.

Andy gave an overview of his family company and its history before leading into the main content of ‘Building Brands In a ‘VUCA’ (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world’.

Pentland Brands as an organisation has a fascinating history and Andy’s ability to present it autobiographically gave it a very personal touch, showing how intrinsically linked he and his family are with the company, whilst evidencing the hard work behind their successful achievements. Andy’s interactive approach had the audience absorbed, made evident by the abundance of questions that followed. Andy explained how the uncertainty of tomorrow in terms of technological advances makes today’s business unpredictable to navigate, emphasising the importance of flexibility and agility. He spoke about the extent to which an individual’s cyber footprint can reach and how it can be infiltrated from a branding perspective.

It was a great experience presenting the Manchester Met Masterclass on behalf of CMI. The two organisations are working well to bring employers, talented students and local business people together. The diversity of the audience led to great questions and challenges which made it an interactive session that hopefully brought some commercial reality into the lecture theatre.

Andy Rubin, Chairman, Pentland Brands Limited

His presentation contained some astounding facts and figures along with many current brand examples, reinforcing his message and ensuring the audience was able to link real-world best business practice with marketing and business theories. Andy provided so much food for thought that the questions continued into the networking session following the masterclass.

Manchester Met Business School is delighted to have been working closely with CMI for several years, developing degrees that are relevant to the business environment, combining academic rigour with professional practice. The students benefit enormously from the relationship, accessing many of the CMI resources and gaining enhanced insights into the world of business during their studies.

Daniel Sheratte, Postgraduate Recruitment and Engagement Manager, Faculty of Business and Law, Manchester Metropolitan University
The Masterclass at Manchester Met is another example of how CMI’s Companions On Campus delivers significant value to our Higher Education partners. Having CMI companions such as Andy provide such an invigorating and insightful perspective of how a market leading organisation meets with the modern days business challenges provided current students and associates of Manchester Met a unique experience that they can utilise in the development of their careers

Keith Richardson, Head of Higher Education Partnership Development, CMI

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