‘Culture Club’ needed for people metrics, says CMI

The report, "Human Capital Reporting: Investing for sustainable growth", says that improved public reporting on investment in, development and management of people can shine a light on companies’ long-term prospects. Its findings were discussed at an event bringing together leaders including Business Secretary Vince Cable and Helena Morrissey, CEO at Newton Investment Management and Chair of the Investment Association.

Commenting on the report, CMI’s Chief Executive Ann Francke said:

"People matter and drive long term business success. On this, we all agree. So why don't more top companies report on their people using a clear and common set of simple metrics?  Valuing your Talent is a great initiative to promote more transparent measures for human capital reporting and it’s fantastic to see support from leading lights like Vince Cable and Helena Morrissey.

Let's capitalise on a proven model. The 30% Club and the Secretary of State spearheaded progress for women on boards. Now, we need a ‘Culture Club' that rallies influential allies around a target like getting 50 per cent of the FTSE 350 signed up to reporting on the Valuing your Talent Framework by 2020. Then we can track progress and shine the media spotlight on those who don’t sign up. Investors, employers and U.K. plc will benefit – and so will people across those companies! 

The UK can be at the forefront of an area that has global relevance, says Francke. “Given London is the centre of global financial capital it makes perfect sense that it becomes the thought leader for human capital." 

The report was prepared for the Valuing your Talent partners by the Pensions & Investment Research Consultants Ltd (PIRC) and is available to download from the Valuing your Talent hub on CIPD’s website at: http://www.cipd.co.uk/hr-resources/research/human-capital-reporting-sustainable-growth.aspx

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