Political focus on volunteering ‘will benefit employers and employees’

Conservatives’ election pledge would support volunteering to teach people new management and people skills

Today (10 April), David Cameron announced that he will grant 15 million people the chance to spend three days doing paid volunteering work under a Conservative government.

The scheme will apply to every employee of a company with over 250 employees, and all public sector workers.

Under the Conservatives' volunteering plans, a new law would be passed requiring public sector employers and companies with more than 250 employees to give staff up to three days a year to do voluntary work.

Employers would cover the cost.

Petra Wilton, the Chartered Management Institute’s director of strategy, commented on the proposal:

“We welcome this new political focus on the value of volunteering. CMI research has shown that volunteering can be hugely beneficial to employees, their employers as well as to local communities and charities. Volunteering often puts people outside of their comfort zone, gives them new working experiences and leads them to develop new management and people skills that they can bring back to their workplace. 

“However, any scheme should ensure that days off for volunteering deliver real benefit to the individual, their employer and to the organisation they volunteer for.  Rather than making such time off a mandatory requirement, the scheme may be far more effective if workers are given the right to request leave for volunteering.  This would better ensure that both employers and employees can be confident that it will be mutually beneficial experience.”


CMI - Tristan Garrick, Head of Strategy, Planning and Campaigns

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