Update on "Chartered Management Consultant"



The Chartered Management Institute, the Institute of Consulting and the Management Consultancies Association are driving the Chartered Management Consultant project forward working on an important consultation phase to test out initial assumptions on what the award should look like.  The launch is scheduled for early 2016 - this is dependent on formal approval being forthcoming from the Privy Council as the new award will sit within CMI’s Royal Charter.

What we are seeking through the creation of the ChMC award is:

  • Professional recognition
  • Management Consulting recognised as a profession, requiring the demonstration and maintenance of high quality standards
  • An enhancement to the professional standing of the Consulting industry
  • Chartered status representing a step change to what is already available

 Currently, Task Groups made of CMI, IC and MCA members and executives are working on:

  • Product design – competency framework, content, assessment mechanisms
  • External Stakeholder engagement – in particular with other professional chartered bodies and Government departments
  • Other streams include commercial models and international relations.

We are in an important consultation phase to test out initial assumptions on what the award should look like.  ChMC needs to work for existing and prospective members, practices of all sizes, independent and internal consultants, and, particularly important, the procurers and buyers of consultancy.

ChMC assumptions

  • ChMC should represent the highest level of professional endorsement for management consultants.
  • ChMC will be rigorous in terms of criteria and assessment mechanisms – on a par with other charter designations – this will give it credibility.
  • Applicants must demonstrate underpinning knowledge based on actual delivery experience.
  • The experiential requirement will be a proven track record of capability as a consultant.
  • Retention will depend on maintenance of competence levels and standards of delivery.

Project timeline

  • The formal documentation will be approved by the CMI Board of Trustees on 16 July, with paperwork then issued to CMI/IC members.
  • Members will be asked to approve the creation of ChMC at the CMI AGM on 22 September.
  • A formal submission will be made to the Privy Council in early October.
  • Process development and implementation plan in second half of 2015.
  • Implementation by April 2016.

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