Build a team of true management professionals

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Working out how to make the most of apprenticeships in your organisation can be challenging.

We will be with you every step of the way.

Organisational Needs Analysis

We can help you to identify your management and leadership development needs and recommend best mix of apprenticeships to help you meet those needs.

Identifying Suitable Options

We can help you review your existing management and leadership development programmes to meet the new Trailblazer requirements.

We can help you map existing programmes to CMI Diplomas and to the Trailblazers and review new programmes and qualifications that can be funded by the Levy.

Flexible delivery

We can help you find the right university and /or learning provider to deliver your apprenticeships or equip you to deliver them as a CMI accredited centre.


  • Apprentices develop the skills and knowledge that is directly relevant to your business.
  • Opportunity to 'grow your own' staff instilling your business culture and working style from an early stage.
  • Utilise government funding to offer your teams internationally recognised qualifications.
  • Improve the retention of your skilled workforce.
  • All apprentices become members of CMI and have access to all of the member benefits.
  • Easy to get started with the support of CMI.

The impact of Apprenticeships

Managers are backing the Apprenticeship programme to overturn employer underinvestment in skills development. CMI's infographic, 'Making Waves With The Levy', details new research findings, and can be downloaded below:


For every £1 of government investment in apprenticeships £18 is generated for the wider economy.


The average apprentice increases productivity by £214 per week.


71% of apprentices stay with the same employer.


70% of employers said apprenticeships improved quality and service.


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Case Study

The main thing I’ve learnt through doing my diploma is confidence; I now have faith that what I am doing is correct.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's in it for the employers?

CMI’s Apprenticeships have been designed by employers for employers. The Standards contains the knowledge and the skills that employers want and need for managers within their business.

According to the latest research, on average Chartered Managers each add £391K of value to their employers. The apprenticeships will allow employers to up-skill existing managers, and also attract new talent to acquire the skills they need.

How do I get involved as an employer?

If you are a small employer, or new to apprenticeships and want to get involved, perhaps even just try this out to see if it’s for you, then you may want to use an Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA). These can find an apprentice for you and deal with the employment, training and assessment side of things on your behalf, though a fee would be payable to the agency. The National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) can provide further details here

You need to identify the apprenticeship that you want to deliver - you can find information about what Standards are approved and ready for delivery here

You must familiarise yourself with the Standard for the apprenticeship. You must also familiarise yourself with the Assessment Plan and understand your role within this including any on-programme assessment and the end-point assessment.

You need to select a Provider to work with that offers the apprenticeship – for the CMDA you can find these listed on CMI’s website.

You may wish to become an apprenticeship provider yourself, in which case you must apply to be on the RoATP through the Skills Funding Agency’s on-line portal ‘Bravo’.

If your local Provider is not listed you could contact them direct and encourage them to join the RoATP and offer the apprenticeship(s) you’re interested in.

You will need to make a formal agreement with the apprentice. A template can be found here

There is a lot of information to support employers with apprenticeships here

How will apprentices be recruited?

Employers will be responsible for recruitment. They can choose to advertise vacancies on the Apprenticeship Vacancies site run by the National Apprenticeships Service (NAS). However, employers may choose to advertise their apprenticeship vacancies independently, or offer them to existing members of their workforce to provide career development opportunities.

It is likely that some employers and Providers will work together on recruitment for apprentices as both will need to be satisfied an applicant meets their respective requirements.

If an employee has already done an apprenticeship can they do another?

Yes they can, provided that the apprenticeship enables the apprentice to acquire substantial new skills. This may be at the same level as an apprenticeship that has already been achieved, or at a higher or even a lower level. For example, a staff member has completed an engineering apprenticeship, but now has picked up a small team to manage, in which case the Team Leader apprenticeship would be appropriate.

Where can employers find further information?

Information on taking on an apprentice can be found here

A useful Employer Guide to Higher Apprenticeships can be found here

How much training has to be done ‘off the job’?

This must account for a minimum 20% (Trailblazer Guidance December 2015). This could include day release or block release (which may be on or off-site with the training provider) and/ or on-line learning.