Chartered Manager

With Chartered Manager, the good news never ends.


Exclusively incorporated by Royal Charter, CMI is the only organisation able to award Chartered Manager – the highest and most prestigious accolade in management and leadership.

With the ‘CMgr’ post-nominals, you can prove your worth to employers and clients alike, providing an invaluable advantage. Chartered Managers are:

  • Worth an added £362,176 to their organisation;
  • Proven to demonstrate stronger professional integrity, raising the bar for the competition;
  • More likely to be promoted, with 1 in 3 reporting subsequent career progression;
  • Invariably satisfied with the benefits it affords them, with 100% affirming they’d recommend it to others.


There are three different ways to become a Chartered Manager. Whether it be through qualifications or experience, each route is designed to showcase your best assets:

  • Exempt Route - Got a CMI Level 5 Diploma or above? Then we've already assessed you on a lot of the same criteria - so you've already done all the hard work.
  • Qualified Route - If your qualification isn't one of ours, but still degree level or above, we can validate your eligibility in much the same way as the Exempt Route.
  • Experiential Route - For those who have five years of management experience or more, we also have the Experiential Route, which takes this into account.


You can find out more about the different routes and which would be best for you, from our dedicated Chartered Manager team on 01536 207429, or alternatively, find out which route suits you best using the simple diagnostic tool below.

Find out which route is best for you:

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