It was great to see you!

Nice work Everyone

Our partnership is going from strength to strength...

...and that was never more apparent than at the recent CMI Engage days. Thank you once again for attending, your contribution and suggestions were invaluable.
Please see below a summary from the events, including feedback, comments about the events and areas for discussion within CMI based on the ideas and feedback you provided. There is also a link for you download the slides from the day for future reference.

Feedback we are proud of

  • "Thank you, this really feels like a partnership now."
  • "You really have listened to us and I can see the changes."
  • "Like the new Diplomas/Extended Diplomas"
  • "Good that you will look at improving your NVQ/Apprentice offer"
  • "Well done on withdrawing the student membership fee and all the other changes you are making"
  • "Huge improvement in the service from quality managers"
  • "Your customer service is wonderful. They answer any question quickly and are so helpful"
  • "Really helpful and has reinvigorated my enthusiasm with CMI"
  • "Standardisation, very useful and more of it please!"
  • "Useful presentation from regional board"

Key topics for discussion

  • To implement improvement to the Centre Directory
  • To produce more standardisation and best practise into our relationship with Centres
  • Create Chartered Manager campaigns for Education Providers
  • Publish a who’s who of CMI on the website
  • To provide more information on apprenticeships and NVQ’s
  • Publish a word count and appendices guidance
  • To produce more case studies and promote success stories
  • To re-advertise Marketing support, particularly HTML templates and dual branding
  • To promote CMI Campus
  • Review SLA’s for moderation and external marking
  • Improve communications to Education Providers
  • A response is needed to address the new Level 7 introduced by ILM
  • To further promote the Regional link for Education Providers and how they can support them
  • Create units within the QALL Pillar in Wales
  • Look at Learner progression routes with CMI
  • Look at progression and exemptions from CMI qualifications onto HE
  • Create a LinkedIn group for Education Providers

Plans for CMI Engage 2015

Our current plans for next year are to host events during May and June 2015, in the follow areas subject to availability of venues and delegate numbers.
  • Edinburgh
  • Cardiff
  • London
  • Corby
  • Newcastle
  • Southampton

Download the slides from the events

CMI Engage Slides

You are the key to the success of our ongoing improvements and developments, therefore we love to hear from you. If you have any comments, feedback or suggestions please get in touch either directly to your dedicated CMI Quality Manager or Customer Service Administrator @

We love hearing from you