CMI Recognition of your training

Turn your bespoke training into a CMI Recognised Programme.

CMI recognition is an exemplary way to show you maintain the highest level of development benchmarked against credible standards such as the National Occupational Standards (NOS), coaching and mentoring or professional consultancy standards.

Our Recognised Programmes provide endorsement of your client’s in-house training and development and are a practical way to gain recognition.

In addition with year-long membership included we offer value after the course has ended to potentially encourage further learner development and help you foster longer term engagement with your clients.


Recognised Programmes offer the opportunity to embed CMI endorsement into you offer, giving more flexibility and choice to your clients and can be offered as:

  • A stand alone offer: Learners attending a non-accredited training programme will receive a CMI Recognised Programme certificate.
  • A building block: Having completed a Recognised Programme, learners could use this as a building block towards further learning.


  • CMI stamp of approval on non-accredited training and development programmes
  • An enhanced learner experience with 12 months membership and access to our membership benefits
  • Recognition of your employers investment in their staff, providing improved productivity, employee engagement and commitment to CPD
  • CMI certification with the opportunity to co-brand certificates with your logo and/or your clients’ logos
  • Quick and easy approval and assurance process confirming your programme as a Recognised Programme – allowing you to concentrate on adding further value in design and delivery
  • Maps non-accredited training to NOS or alternatives such as coaching and mentoring or professional consultancy standards
  • Available internationally (in English)


We’d love to work with you to tailor our offer to your Centre and clients objectives. To find out more contact the Customer Services Team on 01536 207 496.

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