Improve organisational standards and behaviours in 2016.

According to the findings of CMI’s Future Forecast 2015 survey, employers can tackle the top three priorities for their organisation (cost control, improving productivity and managing performance) by changing the culture, improving management and leadership skills and by investing in technology.

But which of these solutions does your organisation need to focus on first? And how much does is it need to change to see improvements in productivity and performance? Diagnose your organisation to find out more.

Management Know

  • Designed to identify and facilitate demonstrable improvements towards management excellence.
  • The diagnostic assessment tool boasts a series of Situational Judgement Test questions, which comprehensively identify areas of management capability.
  • By establishing a cycle of assessment and re-assessment, the tool allows you to highlight overall improvements and identify current areas of best practice.
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Employers must make it their New Year’s resolution to provide [employees] with the skills and autonomy to succeed.

Get the lowdown on why managers are feeling pessimistic about 2016, and what they’re hoping for to make it a happier, more productive year.

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Video: 60-Second Round-Up

CMI’s head of research Patrick Woodman runs through the essential findings of the research and what employers need to know about what their managers are thinking and feeling as we step into 2016.