Resources to support your organisations reporting.

When it comes to the compulsory reporting of gender pay, managers must embrace this new period of transparency and make sure that they're part of the solutions that businesses need.

Even before the launch of the new regulations, employers need to get on board with this new reporting to deal with stubborn issues such as the gender pay gap and bring positive changes to the workforce. As we know, organisational diversity delivers better financial results, better culture and better decision making.

We've compiled these useful resources for you as you start to bring these changes into your own organisation.

CMI Women

CMI Women.

CMI champion women in management and have a network which incorporates specific research and resources that support this development. There will be further developments network in the months...

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Think, Act, Report.

The Government are asking organisations' to sign up for the Think, Act, Report pledge to show commitment to gender equality in the workforce. The site contains useful information about the Think, Act, Report framework that you can utilise in the workplace.

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Think - Act - Report
Trailblazing Transparency

Trailblazing Transparency 2016.

In 2016 the Government Equalities Office in partnership with Deloitte released the Trailblazing Transparency report. The report outlines the importance of transparency for closing the gender pay gap, how businesses can benefit and examples of the action employers are taking to rectify the gap.

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ACAS Guidance On Implementation.

Detailed guidance for employers on how to implement the gender pay gap regulations will be developed by ACAS. The regulations will be published to the ACAS website.

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ACAS Guidance on Implementation

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