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Fast, well-informed answers for your managers.

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Your managers need information to be truly effective in solving the daily challenges they face.
Our solution is ManagementDirect- a unique online support tool from CMI, offering access to:

  • Content resources worth over £40,000
  • A cost effective, web-based training and development solution - no expensive offsite training days
  • Benefits of Affiliate membership, providing an additional £1000 worth of practical advice
  • Resources tailored to support any existing learning and development process within your organisation

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Key features include:

  1. Over 200 'how to' management checklists
  2. 120 e-learning modules on a range of management topics and principles
  3. Video content that puts theory into practice
  4. Ground-breaking research and thought leadership
  5. Instant access to over 3,000 journals and magazines, including Harvard Business Review, People Management and McKinsey Quarterly
  6. Customised learning journeys to support your organisational development

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Learn, Research & Think

ManagementDirect allows managers at any level to learn, research and think. They can instantly access up-to-date content relating to any management topic, they can create their own playlists to support on-going development and undertake self-directed learning with creative tools for problem solving and hundreds of interactive scenarios.

No wonder more and more employers choose ManagentDirect. Book your demonstration and see for yourself how this affordable, powerful, online support centre can improve managerial competence in your organisation.

Helping Hand

One of our product specialists will show you how the content can be used to tackle management problems and talk you through branding options and integration with your existing LMS (Learning Management System) or VLE (Virtual Learning Environment).

Whichever option you choose we can have you up and running in just a couple of weeks.