Gold Medal Award Criteria and Guidelines

Written evidence

Each nomination should be accompanied by written evidence of the nominee's demonstration of leadership and management skills against each of the criteria listed below:

Guiding Strategic Direction

Practising 'human' skills

1. Strategic thinking

1. Communicating

2. System thinking

2. Creating a personal impact

3. Awareness of external environment

3. Giving leadership

4. Entrepreneurial thinking

4. Promoting development of others

5. Developing the vision

5. Networking

6. Initiating change


7. Championing causes


Developing organisational culture

In leading effective implementation

1. Customer focus

1. Governance

2. Quality focus

2. Decision making

3. Teamwork focus

3. Contributing specialist knowledge

4. People resource focus

4. Managing performance

5. Organisational learning focus

5. Analysing situations

6. Awareness of organisational structure