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Celebrating learners who are leading the way in management

The CMI Student of the Year award is given to an exceptional learner who has demonstrated a positive impact on their own professional development and academic studies through effective application of the theory they’ve learned.

The Student of the Year Award celebrates CMI learners making a difference, whether through their academic studies, community or within the wider CMI Community.

Meet our 2022 Outstanding Student of the Year

Richard Hughes MCMI is our 2022 Outstanding Student of the Year winner, showing dedication to his course and advancement in his development.

I am lost for words, it felt amazing when I found out I was nominated. I've come a long way from the teenager who was working long hours on construction sites and had no interest in higher education. My interest in management and leadership started in my late 20's, I became the first person in my family to get a degree as a sprightly 33 year old after studying with the Open University whilst working full-time as an Electronic Technician in the British Army! Fast forward a couple of years and I've just received a CMI Level 7 Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership, an MBA with distinctions in every module and I've been nominated for this award, I genuinely can't believe it, it's been hard work but I'm happy to see it's paying off now. My academic achievements with the CMI have undoubtedly improved my employability, in January 2022 I landed a role doing something I love with The HALO Trust, helping people by managing the clearance of cluster munitions, bombs and other explosive remnants of war in Laos, the most heavily bombed country per capita in history.

Richard Hughes MCMI - Bangor University

Richard Hughes MCMI

Bangor University

Our 2022 Shortlisted Candidates


Alexander Hunter

Arden University

I felt surprised given the talent of my fellow students! We had some fantastic tutors, and I’m sure this showcases their hard work also. The programme was certainly challenging and not without some difficult moments, so being nominated was a great affirmation that the hard work was worth it.

Alexander Hunter
Arden University

Norharizan HJ Hussain CMgr MCMI

Universiti Utara Malaysia

This is a very prestigious award for me, my family , my university and my country. For me, it shows that my hard work has paid off and for my family , it’s an encouragement for them to move further in education. It will bring good name to Malaysia , my country and CMI at large.

Norharizan Hussain CMgr MCMI
Universiti Utara Malaysia

Colin Stephenson ACMI - Winner 2021

Colin has shown a high level of progression and outstanding academic achievement. He has been chosen as overall winner for his nuanced understanding of how learnings can be applied in his managerial role. Moreover, Colin has produced an exciting piece in his MBA project around switching children from liquid to tablet form medicine. This work highlights a talent for harnessing research and innovation in order to improve operational efficiency and outcomes for patients. Colin also displays an eloquent and perceptive awareness of the value of continued development for managers and leaders in public service organisations.

For me, it is a big personal achievement. But, I also hope it demonstrates to the NHS that it is worthwhile investing in Management and Leadership training in order to cultivate better managers and better leaders.

Colin Stephenson ACMI
Colin Stephenson
Colin Stephenson ACMI

Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust MBA with Distinction and Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership Practice

Our 2021 Shortlisted Entries

Our shortlisted entries for the Student of the Year Award, take a look at the shortlist below.

Megan Koulosousa

London College of Fashion

Making the top three is a massive achievement. To me, it justifies a risk that paid off, especially after having self-doubt at university. This acknowledgement of my hard work has boosted my personal confidence and given me something to celebrate after a difficult year.

Megan Koulosousa
London College of Fashion
Mark Buckle Dec 2020
Mark Buckle CMgr MCMI

Wakefield College

It is an honour to be shortlisted because these CMI Awards are extremely valuable in the current climate. They validate the exceptional standards that a manager or leader has achieved, giving them that deserved recognition for their hard work and commitment.

Mark Buckle CMgr MCMI
Wakefield College
Image of Oniba Khalid, CMI's 2020 Student of the Year Award Winner

Oniba Khalid - Winner 2020

We are delighted to announce Oniba as CMI's Student of the Year Award Winner 2020. Oniba recently graduated with an MSc in International Management from the University of Leicester's School of Business.

I am very grateful and humbled to have received it. To me, it represents the beauty in making the most out of the journey. It has taught me that the path is filled with a supportive community, life-long lessons, obstacles and many unanswered questions. Throughout all of that, it is crucial to find a balance between your educational commitments and your professional growth. That’s exactly what this award represents. It celebrates the progress of a student who has adapted their capabilities beyond the books, while simultaneously leaving a mark in the lives of others. Personally, it has reinforced my perceptions about risk and rewards. It will motivate me to continue pursuing prospects that put me out of my comfort zone. I am very thankful that the CMI community provided me with a platform that enabled me to proactively engage with the students in my course. The CMI community meant being a part of a collaborative network that offered me perspective; CMI itself reiterated the resources and tools that it offered to the students enrolled with this accreditation. It was great to serve as a liaison between CMI and the students in the program, as I was able to witness the impact that the CMI services left on the students.

Oniba Khalid - 2020 Student of the Year

Jenna Ross

2019 Student of the Year Winner

Jack Williamson

2018 Student of the Year Winner