Volunteer of the Year 2022

The Volunteer of the Year Award recognises outstanding volunteering achievement and contribution to CMI. The individual demonstrates CMI’s values, and shows a high level of commitment, dedication, leadership and impact that has been delivered against CMI’s strategic objectives.

Meet our Volunteer of the Year

Congratulations to Professor Dilshad Sheikh CMBE CMgr CCMI, our 2022 Volunteer of the Year winner from the West Midlands & North West Regional Board.

I’m absolutely delighted to have won the award and feel that the hard work of the WMNW regional board over the past 6 years that I have been chair, has duly been recognised and valued. This is not an individual win but a CMI WMNW regional board win.

Professor Dilshad Sheikh CMBE CMgr CCMI
Professor Dilshad Sheikh CMBE CMgr CCMI

Chair, CMI West Midlands & North West

Our 2022 Shortlisted Candidates

Our shortlisted candidates have made a huge impact to our volunteer community and we are proud to celebrate them.

Olivia Hamill fCMgr MCMI

Events Lead, CMI Northern Ireland

Derek Choi
Derek Choi MCMI

Secretary and Events Lead, CMI Hong Kong

Carl Andrew CMgr FCMI

Deputy Chair & Finance Lead, CMI North East, Yorkshire & Humberside

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