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Professionalising Leadership.

Since getting all their senior managers Chartered, the University of Huddersfield has eliminated its silos and strengthened its leadership team, ensuring all managers are speaking the same language.

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As part of its strategic plan, The University of Huddersfield is set to become the world’s first organisation led and managed entirely by Chartered Managers.

The University of Huddersfield is an innovative and modern university nestled in the heart of Huddersfield. With over 20,000 students, the University comprises of seven academic schools and is growing its reputation as a leader in the field of enterprise.

With the ambition to become the world’s first organisation to be managed by a 100% Chartered team, the University has recognised 83 of its senior managers with Chartered status. To support the continuing professional development of its management teams, the University has now placed its remaining 250 managers on course to achieve Chartered status by 2020.

At the University of Huddersfield we continually talk about authenticity; we see the Chartered Manager program as a key part of that because it means that staff will continue to develop in their leadership roles.

Vice Chancellor, Professor Bob Cryan CMgr CCMI

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Discover Chartered Manager

Case Study

The Challenge

The University needed to tackle 'real-world' leadership challenges whilst developing its management teams.

The Approach

83 senior managers completed CMI's Level 7 Strategic Management and Leadership certificate. They were then able to achieve Chartered Manager status.

The Results

Chartered status has transformed the University. There is stronger and more inspiring leadership.

How can Chartered Manager benefit your organisation?

Chartered Manager is the highest status that can be achieved in the management profession and is only awarded by CMI. Chartered status can give your senior managers the confidence and credibility to lead and inspire their teams whilst also raising their own skill levels. Thousands of organisations are already benefiting from the impact of Chartered Managers, it can help you to:

Increase Productivity
Build a strong talent pipeline by upskilling employees
Engage, motivate & retain exsisting employees

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What the Chartered Managers at the University are saying

Ruth Sivori "Chartered Manager gives you credibility because you know you’ve achieved that standard. It certainly helped me as a manager which in turn helps to achieve better performance" Ruth Sivori, University of Huddersfield
Michael Ginger "On a individual level, you get that professional affirmation that you are a manager and that you’re doing the things you should be doing." Michael Ginger, University of Huddersfield
Jenny Grainger “The whole chartered status and working with colleagues has brought great benefit to our communication, it gives us a common language” Jenny Grainger, University of Huddersfield