Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship Update

Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship.

Government update.

In response to recent consultations, we are pleased to share that Government has decided that the current title of ‘Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship’ will be fully retained in the standard and assessment plan. Under the revised End Point Assessment (EPA) Plan, the apprentice is no longer required to achieve Chartered status ahead of their final assessment for the apprenticeship. This enables the Chartered assessment process to be offered within the EPA. The Department has also clearly stated that “any training activity that contributes to achieving Chartered status and contributes to achieving the standard will be fundable (including the training and end-point assessment)”

CMI will combine the Chartered Manager assessment process with the EPA and will continue to offer the highly-valued pathway to Chartered recognition that employers, apprentices and providers are seeking, with the assessment process being fully covered by the Levy. This clearly continues to meet the needs of employers – as 96% of employers surveyed valued the inclusion of Chartered status, when the employer group designed the original apprenticeship standard.

CMI offers our Higher Education partners a holistic support package of professional development and curriculum enhancement that will support learners to achieve their degree, the apprenticeship and gain Chartered status.

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