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CMI HE partner support and the TEF criteria.

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As CMI’s Higher Education partnerships grow and develop we are building an evidence base and a range of proof points related to supporting students’ experience as well as outcomes – particularly employability, or career development. Already, nine out of ten of our partners say that CMI partnership is having a significant impact on students’ employability, and 71% of students are saying the same.

CMI now works in partnership with almost 100 of the UK’s universities to support student employability, enrich student experience and to provide professional recognition and development pathways. This is part of our charitable mission to professionalise leadership and management practice, which is relevant to students in whatever field they enter.

Clearly the TEF (Teaching Excellence Framework) is just one part of the landscape of evaluating HE delivery and outcomes, but it seems likely, particularly as the metrics become better-developed, that it will become higher profile, not least as subject-level TEF is implemented.

For more information, download the infographic which maps out the key outcomes and benefits CMI’s commitment to supporting the TEF criteria can bring to our Higher Education partners.

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TEF infographic