Group Learning Toolkits

CMI produces plans and resources to support group learning activities and blended learning

Group Learning Toolkits (GLT) are a set of practical electronic-format resources (consisting of both PDF and PowerPoint files) to enable tutors to deliver workshops and related group learning activities in support of CMI Level 5: Management and Leadership qualifications.

The Toolkits further strengthen the support package we offer our providers and their students in achieving high success rates, which already includes Pathways workbooks and ManagementDirect.

The value of the Toolkits lies in their bespoke customisation to meet the learning outcomes of CMI qualifications, rather than being overly generic.

Who are they for?

  1. For new CMI centres delivering Level 5 Management and Leadership qualifications, the Toolkits remove the need to develop costly and time consuming in-house materials, with the aid of specialist consultants.
  2. For centres that are already delivering the Level 5 Management and Leadership qualifications, specific materials are now available to supplement existing materials.
  3. Educational institutions and employers delivering middle manager management and leadership development would also find the Toolkits of use, as our qualifications offer the highest standard of development in the UK.

What's available?

The Toolkits are available for the 16 units that CMI offers at Level 5: Management and Leadership including the V1 units. The materials available have been created specifically to integrate with these units and are mapped to CMI qualification unit learning outcomes.

The core elements included within the Toolkit are:

  1. Guidance on group induction (including Powerpoint slides) and pre-workshop activities and reading
  2. A full outline for a one-day workshop programme
  3. A set of customisable Powerpoint slides for use in the workshop
  4. Handouts and reflective exercises for use in the workshop and beyond

Please note: text based materials are provided in PDF format


The Toolkits are a one-time licence purchase and can be purchased as separate units if required (16 units available). CMI will provide updated materials, where these arise, in the first 12 months after purchase.

A list of prices and discounts available can be found here.

How to order

GLT V1 will replace the above GLT for all student registrations within Centres adopting the new qualifications.

GLT covers qualifications for student registrations up to 31 August 2014

To order any of our learning materials or if you have any queries then please contact us on 01536 207379 or email

We do also have a Level 8 SCQF Group Learning Toolkit available – please contact us for more information.